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My Story

I've been a professional artist for the past two decades. As an artist, I appreciate the power of patterns, symbols, and story. Together, these can bring greater clarity to a complex and fracturing world. In my Christian faith, I've asked hard questions about what I believe and why I believe it. These questions launched me into a deep appreciation for Scripture, the historic church, the writings of ancient Christian authors, liturgical prayer, and the legacy of Christian art. I began drawing Our Church Speaks and teaching church history through story and art to help bolster our faith. My prayer is that your faith, challenged and encouraged by the voices of God’s people, will be led into the depths of the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

About Our Church Speaks

Our Church Speaks is an illustration series featuring the words of Christians from around the globe, across traditions, and throughout the centuries. Each saint in this series is commemorated in the Book of Common Prayer tradition, in the global Anglican communion’s calendar of saints. C.S. Lewis called for Christians to "keep the clean sea breeze of the centuries blowing through our minds." Our Church Speaks aspires to open the perspective of modern Christians to this clean breeze of the witness of the historic church. Our Church Speaks is is an ongoing project, currently at over 250 portraits, with new work every week. Prayers and liturgies in this project are from the Book of Common Prayer. This project is aligned with the historic interpretation of the Christian Bible, as summarized by the Nicene Creed and expressed in the Documentary Foundations of the 2019 edition of the Book of Common Prayer (pgs. 766-802).

An "Our Church Speaks" book will be published by Intervarsity Press Autumn 2024.

Artist Bio

Ben Lansing is an artist and author from Richmond, Virginia. His award-winning art has appeared in hundreds of American publications, over the past two decades. His work has been featured in the Newseum in Washington D.C. and received multiple Best in Show awards from the Virginia Press Association. In 2007, in response to the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, Ben created Today, We Are All Hokies, an editorial illustration that received global attention. John Seigenthaler, Sr., founding editorial director of USA Today, nominated this image for a Pulitzer Prize in 2007. Ben is currently the cartoonist for Jeff MacNelly’s classic comic strip, Shoe.

Ben is an avid student of the history of both art and religion and uses his art to share this passion. Ben and his wife, Bethany, are members of Redeemer Anglican Church in Richmond, VA, where Ben serves as a deacon. He teaches a multi-week church history course at Redeemer, where he uses art and storytelling to present 20+ centuries of Christ’s inspiring work in His church.

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